If you are converting to a MKS Gen L, this video could be helpful It's aimed at Ender 3 Users and Marlin firmware, but trust me, it will still contain useful information. He also includes a 3d print for a custom case.
MKS Gen L Labeled
MKS Gen L Pinouts
TMC2208 wiring diagram for MKS Gen L You can skip the resistor pin and simply use one jumper instead. Klipper doesn't need it.
Example of connecting a End of Filament Sensor to the MKS Gen L ignore the printer name it's irrelevant.
Bl Touch wiring diagram
MKS Gen L Dimensions
This is a case designed by Michael at Teaching Tech for the Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro
Ender 3 MKS Gen L adaptor case and mount by TeachingTech
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