Installing Octoprint

Why Octoprint?

Octoprint offers many features and plugins that make it easier to manage your print jobs It also has a plugin called OctoKlipper that allows you to manage Klipper's printer.cfg file without have to ssh into the Raspberry Pi with putty.

Why not Octoprint?

It is also marked by slow boot times, and some awkwardness in situations like canceling a print.

What you'll need

A Raspberry PI and a microSD card at least 4gb in capacity.

Install Octoprint

Use the following URL to install Octoprint.

Add the Klipper Plugin

From the plugin manager, search for Octoklipper and install. It will ask you to reset octoprint when you're done. This will make managing klipper easy and convenient from within Octoprint.

More Plugins

Teaching Tech has a good video on The Best Octoprint Plugins. We can't recommend Themify enough.

Useful Resources

Chris Riley has a very good tutorial on installing both Octoprint and Klipper.