Welcome to klipper.info!
This resource was originally created for the use of the members of the /r/klippers discord, but all are welcome to use it!
Discord Server link: https://discord.gg/df9yTE2
It's important to read all of the articles in the /docs folder in the klipper distribution. There's too much information to repeat here, and it's all useful!
We got the logo from a github thread where people have been discussing possible logos.
We've removed the sections that were meant to guide you in installing Klipper, Octoprint and DWC2. Things have changed dramatically, and frankly none of us have the time to keep this current. In additon, these have become easier to install now. The rest of the sections will remain, and we are always willing to help at the discord server!
We add to this as often as we find something useful. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to join our discord and let us know! Or email us at [email protected]
Last modified 1yr ago
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